Security Assessments

You depend on your computer network other technologies to keep things running smoothly, and your customers depend on you to keep their sensitive information private and secure. But how can you know if your IT is running optimally or if it’s putting your critical data at risk? And how long will it take to find out? The answer is simple! All you need is a TSecurity Assessment from the experts at ATA Technologies, which can quickly and quietly diagnose your network and IT with no interruption to your business.

With ATA Technologies’s Security Assessment, we’ll be able to identify critical issues within your network, find out if your hardware, software and applications are up to date, and see if there are any security problems you need to fix fast.

HIPAA Meaningful Use

This service is used in the documentation proving meaningful use is essential to passing the audits and keeping EHR incentive program funds. Many providers who have failed audits as of late 2016 have done so because of inadequate or nonexistent HIPAA risk assessments, which are required under meaningful use.

Penetration Testing

Compliance, Antivirus, and firewalls do not ensure protection from all threats. As your company continues to grow and regulations expand, your organization faces more risks. To protect your customer data, corporate data, and reputation, ATA Technologies provides Penetration Testing to evaluate your risks.

Penetration testing offers many benefits, allowing you to: Intelligently manage vulnerabilities, Avoid the cost of network downtime, Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines, And preserve corporate image and customer loyalty.

Security breaches and service interruptions are costly.

Security breaches and any related interruptions in the performance of services or applications can result in direct financial losses, threaten organizations’ reputations, erode customer loyalties, attract negative press, and trigger significant fines and penalties.

It is impossible to safeguard all information, all the time.

Traditionally, organizations have sought to prevent breaches by installing and maintaining layers of defensive security mechanisms, including user access controls, cryptography, IPS, IDS, and firewalls. However, continued adoption of new technologies has made it harder to find and eliminate all of an organizations’ vulnerabilities and protect against potential security incidents.

Penetration-testing identifies and prioritizes security risks.

Pen-testing evaluates an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints, and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls to gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets.

Vulnerability Assessments

Unauthorized access to company resources using existing vulnerabilities is a serious security concern. Identifying, quantifying and prioritizing security vulnerabilities within your organization can be a difficult process without the proper methodology, skills and tool sets. ATA Technologies can illuminating these vulnerabilities, as well as provide the appropriate mitigation procedures, helping to reduce and eliminate vulnerabilities to an acceptable level of risk.

How We Do What We Do

At ATA Technologies, each assessment is based on a clearly defined client-provider set of engagement rules to quickly and accurately identify gaps and vulnerabilities on your network using a proprietary remote testing appliance. Using a combination of automated and manual scanning with custom scripts and applications, you are provided with a customized and actionable report for nontechnical and technical audiences.

Vulnerability Assessment Benefits:

  • Catch low-hanging fruit
  • Validate your patching/hardening program
  • Establish a security baseline
  • Identify known, surface-level security issues and misconfigurations

Social Engineering Services

Social Engineering relies on a set of technological, psychological, and physical techniques that trick a user into breaking security protocols. We will work with your organization with our safe, approved, and authorized replications of email-based attacks on targeted employees to test end user Security Awareness of Phishing, Spear Phishing, and other Social Engineering attacks.


Phishing occurs when an attacker masquerades as a credible source, and sends an email requesting that a user performs an action (ex: clicks a URL, or opens an attachment) and conveys confidential information. Spear-Phishing is similar, but the attacker targets specific individuals and includes relevant information to appear even more convincing.


Malicious attackers will attempt to call various individuals or groups to gather information about a target or in order to influence an action. For example, a common scenario would involve a hacker calling a help-desk to request that a new account be created.


Pretexting as another person or presenting a false identity can allow an attacker to gain access to information, facilities, or secure systems.

SSAE18 Auditing

SSAE 18 became the new reporting standard for service organization reports dated on or after May 1, 2017. Previously SSAE 16 has been in effect since June 15, 2011 which superseded SAS 70 in 2011. This new standard was implemented to provide clarity to previous reporting standards and is designed to improve the quality and usefulness of SOC reports. These attestation standards establish requirements for performing and reporting on examination, review, and agreed upon procedure engagements that enable practitioners to report on subject matter other than financial statements. All assurance work on SSAE18 Auditing is done by Alexander Thompson Arnold, PLLC.

SOC 1&2 Auditing

A System and Organization Controls (SOC) engagement is a statement indicating that the service organization has had its control objectives and activities evaluated by an independent firm such as ATA, PLLC and ATA Technologies. SOC reports are a suite of reports designed to provide customers and other key stakeholders with insight into the design and operating effectiveness of system-level controls of a service organization or entity-level controls of other organizations. All assurance work on SOC 1&2 Auditing is done by Alexander Thompson Arnold, PLLC.

Why is SOC Important?

From payroll, billing and credit processing companies to insurance and medical claims processor, hosted data centers, cloud computing providers, SaaS providers and internet retailers, organizations are facing increased pressure to provide evidence of adequate controls and safeguards when they host or process data belonging to their customers. In fact, many are even finding that obtaining a SOC report is quickly becoming a contractual requirement for doing business.

We Make It Easy.

The world of SOC reports can be a place of confusion, technical terminology, and stringent requirements. It is also an area of growing importance as organizations struggle to meet the growing need from customers for assurance regarding the security, confidentiality, and privacy of the information processed by their systems. With our help, SOC reports will be painless.

Benefits from letting the ATA Technologies SOC Team perform your soc reporting:

  • Demonstrates a committed investment in mitigating customers’ exposure to risk
  • Builds trust with customers and prospects
  • Validates an organization’s risk management program
  • Affords the opportunity to identify and shore up gaps in an organization’s controls and/or enhance its controls
  • Imparts operational clarity in decision making and resource utilization planning
  • Provides a competitive advantage in a crowded market of service providers
  • Contributes to an organization’s overall brand image


ATA Technologies is the partner you can trust. Computer Forensics is an emerging science with a surplus of demand for expertise. Corporations, law firms, insurance agencies, and law enforcement are among the first to recognize the crucial need for computer forensics experts. Companies are finding that evidence retrieved from computers and other electronic storage media is becoming more relevant to convicting criminals and reclaiming stolen assets.

Importance of Computer Forensics

Computer forensic evidence can be powerful, but if it is not retrieved in a methodical & precise manner, it can be easily damaged and ruled inadmissible in a court of law. For this reason, ATA Technologies provides computer forensic services to reduce reputation risk, pursue criminal or civil litigation and manage disputes.

Evidence Recovery

ATA Technologies brings the technical skills to help you recover digital evidence acceptable for use as evidence in a court of law. We adopt industry recognized digital evidence recovery processes, procedures, and tools and tailor those to the specifics of the client, matter, and project.

What We Can Do For You

ATA Technologies can assist in conducting forensic investigations to establish the facts surrounding a situation, image hard drives and preserve the evidence, recover lost, hidden, secured or deleted data, analyze data to identify anomalies in business records, fraudulent activity, misconduct, compliance issues, inaccuracies and inefficiencies, and maintain data in an unaltered state to ensure admissibility as evidence.


The ATA Technologies PCI Compliance service checks your systems for a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

PCI DSS Compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance is designed to protect businesses and their customers against payment card theft and fraud. If your business accepts, stores, or transmits card data, PCI DSS compliance validation is required by card brands such as Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

How We'll Help You

ATA Technologies can help you achieve and maintain your PCI Compliance by providing you with PCI Self-Assessment tools and processes, Onsite PCI DSS Audit, and PA-DSS auditing.

Policy Development

At ATA Technologies, we recognize that your data is one of your most important assets. Having the proper security policies in place is essential to ensure your employees protect that information. ATA Technologies can walk you thru and help you implement the correct documentation on security practices, processes, and policies to protect your organization from data theft and achieve your industries compliance.

Customizable Templates

All organizations have different processes used to handle, store, or transmit sensitive cardholder data. We offer flexible policy templates that allow you to customize data security policies to address your organization’s specific risks. Our policies include: Firewall configuration forms, System hardening and configuration forms, Incident response plan, Information security policy, Operational procedures guide, and Employee computer usage policy.


Designed For Security

We understand that compliance is just one step on the path to data security. ATA Technologies’ policies are designed with a security focus that will help you comply with the Hipaa, PCI DSS, and other regulations.

Single Point Of Contact

To keep communication lines open and eliminate confusion, ATA technologies assigns a single point of contact for each project.

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