Create Ticket

Welcome to ATA Technologies,

At ATA Tech we use a ticketing system to track issues, log issues, and ensure we resolve issues. You can initiate a ticket by email, text message, phone call, or by submitting from our App.  What this means for you:


  1. EMAIL.You can email  at any time with your issue.
    1. Just add a brief summary in the subject line of your email and any additional information in the body of your email.
  1. TEXT: Simply text us at 731-224-4169
      1. Give us a description of the issue you are having
      2. It would be helpful if you also tell us your name and which office (just because we do not everyone’s cell phone number saved in our helpdesk).
  1. CALL: You will still be able to call the (731) 664-0102 number for assistance. That call will be sent into our system. You will hear a greeting message.
    1. You can press ZERO (0) to have the call routed to our call center which will be dispersed to our technicians to answer. When you are on the phone with a technician, we (ATAT) will create a ticket and work the issue.
    2. You may also press TWO (2) to leave a message. That is handy if you just want to inform us of an issue that you do not need immediate assistance with. When you utilize this function, the ticket will automatically be created and sent to our service desk.
  1. APP: You can use our Remote Access App to submit a ticket from your computer
    1. Find the ATAT Helpdesk Icon in your System Tray. Your system tray is located at the bottom Right corner on your screen next to where your date and time show.
    2. If you do not see the icon you may have to click on the ^ Button to see it
    3. Right click on the Icon, Select Create Service Ticket, and complete the information.
    4. Our icon looks like