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Preferred Medical Systems provides sales and service of Ultrasound equipment with 42 employees and 19 locations nationwide.

ATA Technologies was tasked with a priority to implement a Hosted Solution for the organization. We successfully migrated Preferred Medical System’s infrastructure to an on-premise hosted environment utilizing Terminal Services.  With the implementation of this solution, the client remediated their technology frustration for all users with a scalable, customizable, cost-saving, and mobile solution.

I want to extend my appreciation for the strong partnership that ATA Technologies has forged with Preferred Medical System. Considering our rapid growth and need for scalability your team has proven to be the perfect match. Your organization has been extremely instrumental in the design and production of many of our systems and processes.


John C.M. Ross
Chief Operating Officer
Preferred Medical Systems

Trusted Advisor

One of the main reason ATA Technologies was selected as the primary IT vendor was that Preferred Medical Systems was looking for more than a group of computer technicians. They were looking for a Trusted Advisor. With our knowledge, experience, and expertise, ATA Technologies provided additional services on day one in areas that were needing attention. Some areas that we contributed in on day one, and still today, were vendor management, new technology solutions, and cost benefit analysis for Preferred Medical Systems.

Implementation and Transition

It goes without saying that swapping any vendor relationship is challenging. At ATA Technologies, we pride ourselves in being organized. Our transition was well planned and thorough. Having done several transitions, we have tools and templates in place that we use to ensure all items are discovered ahead of time so that we can all have a smooth transition. During a transition, we ensure that we have a tier3 specialist working on the high-end aspects of the organization’s infrastructure. We also take the time to have technicians meet and learn ALL of your users. All of which is documented so that our staff has all the information to properly support your organization and you have the documentation as well.

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