We were most impressed by the ease of transition to ATA’s complete:IT program. And now we have the comfort of knowing that our systems are constantly being monitored for problems. In the rare occasion that an issue arises, we get swift and consistent response from ATA’s help desk. This is definitely the best business decision we have made in a long time.

Business Manager
Independent Presbyterian Church

Before utilizing ATA’s complete:IT program, we were constantly scrambling to fix problems when they happened instead of being proactive and heading them off beforehand. It is comforting to know that ATA is always there with a finger on the pulse of our network, ready to respond if an issue arises. I am convinced there is no better way for a small business to handle their IT needs.

Jabezco Industrial Group, Inc.

ATA has the resources to take care our little problems quickly and the expertise to handle all of our complicated IT issues. We have benefitted from significant cost savings while enrolled in ATA’s complete:IT program. Our labor expenditures are much less than they were when we employed a full time staff.

AZO Incorporated